Professional Development Events

The Canadian Dam Association presents professional development events to enhance knowledge of dam issues across the country. As a member society of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC), CDA is recognized as a Quality Provider of continuing education and offers Continuing Education Units (CEU) for these events.


Annual Conference and Workshops

CDA's annual conference brings together leaders and practitioners to explore current issues in the management of dam facilities. Specialized workshops are offered on the weekend before the conference. Go to the Annual CDA Conference tab at left to see the plans for the next conference date. 

Regional Workshops

CDA organizes focused workshops on important dam safety, public safety and operational issues, at various locations across the country. The main offerings for the remainder of 2016 are the workshops during the Conference. A special workshop on Dam Decommissioning is being planned for Spring 2017. See the Workshops tab at left for additional information.

Other Events

From time to time, CDA provides links to  events planned by other organizations which have common goals and interests. These are included on the Events List at left.

Upcoming Events

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