Peter Halliday Award for Service

This award recognizes CDA members for their valued contributions and outstanding commitment to the advancement of the Association. The award is offered annually to one or more members of CDA. Recipients are:

2004 - Clare Raska
2004 - El-sayed Ismail
2005 - Marion Houston
2005 - Joe Groeneveld
2006 - Yousef Hammamji          
2006 - Mona Bechai
2007 - Tony Chislett
2007 - Will Jolley
2008 - Perry Mitchelmore
2009 - Andy Zielinski
2010 - Johanne Bibeau
2011 - W.G. (Bill) Duncan
2011 - Alan Boom
2012 - Bob Barnes
2012 - Garth Haack
2013 - Michel Dolbec
2014 - Andy Small
2015 - Allan Kirkham 
2016 - Gilles Bourgeois
2017 - Tony Bennett
2018 - Terry Oswell
2019 - Richard Gervais
2020 - Bill Chin

The 2020 winner of the Peter Halliday Award for Service is well-known to the CDA membership.  Not only was Mr. Bill Chin, M.Eng., P.Eng., FEIC, nominated by three individuals, a consistent theme was apparent as they described Mr. Chin.  Phrases and expressions included: “excellence in all that he does”, “respected practitioner”, “analytically brilliant and pragmatic” and that “his only fault is his modesty!”. 


Mr. Chin, a Principal and Senior Geotechnical Engineer with Klohn Crippen Berger in Calgary, graduated in 1976 with a Bachelors in civil engineering from University of British Columbia, and holds a Master’s in civil (geotechnical) engineering from the University of Alberta, obtained in 1982.  Mr. Chin has been an active member of the CDA for two decades and was a key contributor to the development of the geotechnical sections of the CDA’s Dam Safety Guidelines in 1999. He shares his expertise through mentoring, presentations and workshops. He is very approachable by nature and as a result, young professionals often seek his guidance.  In 2019, he chaired the very successful CDA Annual Conference in Calgary and in October 2020, he assumed the role of chair of the Professional Development Committee.


Bill Chin, M.Eng., P.Eng., FEIC