Inge Anderson Award of Merit

This award recognizes CDA members who have distinguished themselves through significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge and practices related to dams in Canada. The award is offered every two years to a member of CDA. Recipients are:

1993 - Inge Anderson
1995 - Gary Salmon
1997 - Barry Hurndall
1999 - Guy Laroque
2001 - Tony Tawil
2004 - Ray Stewart
2006 - Gaétan Guertin
2008 - Desmond N.D. Hartford
2010 - Gerard Verzeni
2012 - A.R. (Tony) Bennett
2014 - 2014 Jean-Pierre Tournier
2016 - Stephen Rigbey
2018 - Norbert (Nordie) Morgenstern

Norbert Morgenstern - 2018

Dr. Morgenstern is a professor emeritus at the University of Alberta where he began his teaching career in 1968 after receiving his Ph.D. from the University of London. In his time there he has influenced and worked with numerous graduate students including many industry experts and a number of the CDA scholarship winners.

Over the years, Dr Morgenstern has been the recipient of numerous awards, medals, and honours for his contributions to the geotechnical field including the Canadian Geotechnical Society’s most prestigious award, the Legget Medal.  He has also delivered the Rankine Lecture (British Geotechnical Association), Terzaghi Lecture (American Society of Civil Engineers), and Casagrande Lecture (Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section), so it is fitting that CDA chose him as its 2018 recipient of the Inge Anderson Award.  Dr. Morgenstern has also been recognized for his work outside the industry as a Member of the Order of Canada, and also receiving the Alberta Order of Excellence. 

Dr. Morgenstern’s CV includes more than 300 publications in technical journals, conferences and textbooks.  There is even a method  named after him, the Morgenstern Price slope stability.  He has worked on a wide range of geotechnical issues, including slope stability, landslides, dams, mining projects, permafrost, oil sands, pipelines, highways, bridges, buildings and offshore structures.  Dr. Morgenstern has led multiple review panels such as the Mt. Polley and Samarco tailings dam failures as well as playing a lead role in an assortment of industry advisory groups and committees.  His work has influenced new regulation and guidance in Canada.  



Dr. Norbert Morgenstern was unable to attend the 2018 awards banquet in Quebec City, but following his keynote address on October 7 that kicked off the 2019 conference in Calgary, CDA presented him with his 2018 Inge Anderson Award.  2014 Inge Anderson winner and CDA President Jean-Pierre Tournier (left) presents Norbert Morgenstern with the plaque that recognizes all winners of the Inge Anderson award.

Inge Anderson - Nomination Form 2020
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