Inge Anderson Award of Merit

This award recognizes CDA members who have distinguished themselves through significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge and practices related to dams in Canada. The award is offered annually to a member of CDA. Recipients are:

1993 - Inge Anderson
1995 - Gary Salmon
1997 - Barry Hurndall
1999 - Guy Laroque
2001 - Tony Tawil
2004 - Ray Stewart
2006 - Gaétan Guertin
2008 - Desmond N.D. Hartford
2010 - Gerard Verzeni
2012 - A.R. (Tony) Bennett
2014 - Jean-Pierre Tournier
2016 - Stephen Rigbey
2018 - Norbert (Nordie) Morgenstern
2020 - Edward (Ed) C. McRoberts

Dr. Edward (Ed) McRoberts, P.Eng., FEIC, FCAE, the 2020 Inge Anderson Award of Merit recipient, has been an exemplary contributor to the Canadian dam industry for the past 50 years. Dr. McRoberts, a Principal Geotechnical Engineer with Wood PLC. in Vancouver, is one of the leading geotechnical engineers in the Ft. McMurray oil sands industry, and one of the pioneers of dam designs for the tailings impoundments used in all major oil sands projects. In additions to his contributions to the development of mining, tailings dams, and energy projects in northern Canada and internationally, he has contributed to the application of geotechnical concepts and methods to heavy civil projects, pipelines, risk assessments, earthquake engineering, and Arctic pipeline engineering.  He has also been a strong contributor to the academic research community, publishing over 40 technical papers. Dr. McRoberts is sought after by clients for his expertise and sound, science-based and practical advice. 

Dr. McRoberts graduated in civil engineering from the University of Alberta in 1967 and obtained his Masters in geotechnical engineering from the Imperial College of Science and Technology (London, UK) in 1968.  He obtained his Ph.D. in 1971 at the University of Alberta where he worked on slope stability in permafrost under Professor Norbert Morgenstern.

One of Dr. McRoberts’ nominators summed up their nomination this way, “In order to accomplish significant contributions and achievements in the engineering profession, a person needs to have an appropriately balanced set of qualities and characteristics. These include attributes such as excellent leadership skills, effective collaboration, being articulate, technical prowess, a competitive nature, energy, passion, and a strive for excellence with the ability of being the best that one can be. Dr. Ed McRoberts exemplifies all these characteristics.”

Dr. Edward (Ed) McRoberts, P.Eng., FEIC, FCAE