CDA Conference & Exhibition
October 13-18, 2018
Quebec City, Quebec

CDA looks forward to welcoming you in Quebec City in October!  The theme of the 2018 Conference is Managing Aging Dams: A Challenge for Owners and Professionals.

Registration is now open!

Important Dates:

October 13-14: Pre-Conference weekend workshops 
October 15-17: Technical conference and great social activities
October 18: Technical tours


Accommodation & Workshops: Hilton Quebec 
Conference Venue:
Quebec City Conference Centre

CDA Conference 2018 Technical Program

Technical papers featuring practical case studies and analyses related to managing aging dams, dams’ safety and influence of climate change in operating dams – of traditional dams and mine tailings structures will be presented.

Papers and presentations will discuss a wide range of management and maintenance of dam issues, including:

  • Dam Safety Reviews;
  • State of the practice and management challenges faced by aging dam owners;
  • Design flood review;
  • Spillway reliability;
  • Temporary or permanent mitigation measures of safety deficiency;
  • Materials, past and present;
  • Instrumentation and auscultation of dams;
  • Conflicting management of watersheds;
  • Water management and temporary measures during construction;
  • Numerical modelling;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Construction and maintenance: methods and case studies;
  • Management and delivery of turnkey projects;
  • Engineering of tailings dams;
  • Obsolete dam decommissioning;
  • Dam break analysis and inundation mapping;
  • Emergency management and contingency planning;
  • Public safety near dams — operational practices and considerations;
  • State of practice for dam rehabilitation;
  • Reconciling works and environment protection; and
  • International advances in practice.

Conference Brochure

Conference Brochure
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