Technical Program

The 2017 CDA Conference has received proposals for papers and presentations on regulation and dam safety for dams of all types, including:

Technical session topics include:

  • Dam Safety
  • Small Dams 
  • Public Safety
  • Mining Dams
  • Site Characterization
  • Monitoring and Surveillance 
  • Design Case Studies
  •  Inundation Mapping
  •  Ruskin Remediation Project
  • Site C Project
  • Ducks Unlimited

A list of the paper presentations is posted below. Note that the technical program is subject to change.

Information for presenters

Deadlines and useful information for those presenting at Conference 2017:

  1. By May 1, confirm your commitment to produce a paper and do a presentation. Paper instructions are posted on this webpage.
  2. By June 16, submit the draft of your paper to your session moderator. Draft will be read and comments made, but not  undergo a thorough peer-review process. 
  3. By August 1, submit the final version of your paper.
  4. By August 14, ensure that you are registered for the conference. Presenters must be registered for the day of their presentation to be able to present.
  5. By September 30, complete your presentation. Do a practice run with work colleagues and make any refinements.
  6. Presentation guidance:
  • Be prepared to speak for no more than 15 minutes
  • Your presentation slide deck should contain no more than 10 slides

  • Use a font size of no less than 30 point
  • Avoid use of complex graphs; instead, refer the audience to the figures in your presentation, which they will have either in the Program Book or on the Conference App.
Read more at:

Final Preparations Underway for Technical Program

CDA thanks presenting authors for submitting your papers for inclusion in the CDA conference proceedings.  We are in final preparations, and authors are working now to ensure high-quality presentations.

Authors who had proposed papers should note that it is now too late to submit a paper and present this year. We look forward to seeing you in Kelowna and attending your presentation at the next conference in Quebec 2018.

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