Membership approves new CDA by-law

CDA’s membership has voted overwhelming to approve the new by-law.

CDA was faced with making major amendments to its existing by-law, predominately to comply with new federal legislation but also to lessen the burden on volunteers and to add flexibility, while still protecting members’ rights.

Instead, a task group wrote a new by-law, had it approved by the Board of Directors, then sent it to the membership for a vote.

The new by-law was approved with 105 in favour, five abstaining and none opposed. The turnout of 110 voters was 14.1 percent of the 779 eligible to vote.

The new by-law and Articles of Continuance, which replace the Letters Patent and were approved by the membership at the 2013 Annual General Meeting, will be filed with the federal government. The Articles will take effect when the government approves them.