Prague Welcomes ICOLD 2017 Delegates in July

For the first time, ICOLD will be hosting its Annual Meeting in Prague.  Attendees will have the opportunity to attend not only technical seminars, but also learn more about the history of dams in the Czech Republic.  The key event of the technical agenda will be a one-day symposium called “Knowledge Based Dam Engineering”.

The traditional technical tours will concentrate on three regions of the Czech Republic.  The tours will include past and present examples of dam engineering and construction in the Czech Republic.  CDA members should be aware that currently, the World Register of Dams includes 118 structures located in the Czech Republic. 

Our Czech hosts are also organizing post study tours for those interested in learning more about other regions of the Czech Republic where there are many cultural and technical sites of interest. 

There will also be plenty of opportunities to experience the cultural and social life of the country!  Mark your calendars for July 3 to 7 – you don’t want to miss the 85th ICOLD Annual Meeting!  

For more information, please visit the ICOLD website