Mining Dams Committee issues Mt. Polley report and proposes new guidance

[Note: This page was edited for clarity on 2016-01-07.]

The CDA's Mount Polley Task Group, composed of members from the Mining Dams Committee and Dam Safety Committee, has issued a report on "Significant CDA Issues Emerging from the Mount Polley Panel Report."  The report addresses issues that were identified in the Report on the Mount Polley Tailings Storage Facility Breach that was prepared for the government of BC by an independent panel in January 2015.

The CDA report on Mount Polley is posted in the Reference/Archive on the Mining Dams Committee technical page, members-only access.   

As a result, the CDA Mining Dams Committee has consulted with CDA members and others in the dam safety industry, and prepared two documents for review and comment by CDA members. This proposed guidance will supplement or be incorporated directly into future revisions of the Technical Bulletin: Application of Dam Safety Guidelines to Mining Dams

  1. Dam Safety Engineer of Record - This is proposed as an update to the Engineer of Record description in Section 3.1.2 of the Technical Bulletin.

  2. Revised Geotechnical Criteria – This is proposed guidance related to the factor of safety discussion in Section 3.5.4 of the Technical Bulletin.

These two documents are posted as Documents for Review and Comment on the Mining Dams Committeee technical page, members-only access. Comments can be sent to


Greg Noack, Chair

Andy Small, Past Chair
CDA Mining Dams Committee