CDA Directors & Officers – Call for Nominations

The Canadian Dam Association depends on volunteers to lead the Association by serving on the Board of Directors.  The CDA board strongly encourage members to consider volunteering for the board or speaking to colleagues and friends in the industry who may be interested in giving back to the Association.

What does the board do?
The Board is responsible for the effective management of CDA. It sets strategy, develops programs for members’ benefit, provides due diligence and oversight to staff, ensures members’ rights are upheld, and has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the CDA’s resources are used appropriately.

Who is eligible to sit on the board?
To be eligible to sit on the board, you must be a member in good standing and be nominated and seconded by two members of CDA.  

Why should I sit on the board?
These volunteer positions are excellent opportunities to learn about and contribute to your Association and the Canadian dam industry.  

How many meetings are there annually?
All directors are expected to attend and participate in two in-person meetings annually and regular (approximately every six weeks) conference calls. They also participate on or lead task groups and/or committees and may be called upon to organize local events.

When are elections?
Elections are held annually.  This year’s elections will be held over the summer months with ratification at the Annual General Meeting on October 15 in Quebec City.

What positions need to be filled?  How long are the terms?
The following positions need to be filled for terms beginning October 15, 2018:

* Vice President (three-year commitment);
* Director-at-Large – ICOLD (two-year term)
* Provincial/ Territorial directors for British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador (two-year term).

Are board members paid?
Directors do not receive a stipend. Some financial support is available for attendance at in-person meetings.

What if I have questions about being a board member?
For more information regarding the duties of the Board members, please contact your current provincial/territorial director, any member of the Executive Committee, or Executive Director Don Butcher at

For a complete listing of board members, please visit the CDA website

What should I do if I’m interested in becoming a board member?
We would also ask that you include with the nomination a short description of your background and engagement with the CDA or other volunteer based organizations.  Complete details regarding the nomination process are posted on the CDA website 

Nominations & Elections Timeline:

Nominations open July 12, 2018
Nomination period July 12 - August 11
If elections are required, voting will be open August 26-September 26
Election results will be known and communicated to the members no later than September 30
Election results will be ratified at the Annual General Meeting on October 15