CDA seeking volunteer to sit on the Ontario Dam Owners Advisory Council

With the recent resignation of CDA’s member to the Ontario Dam Owners Advisory Committee (DOAC), CDA is seeking a new volunteer to represent CDA on this important committee.

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to facilitate regular dialogue between government and non-government parties who own water control infrastructure, to provide an opportunity for dam owners to advise the Ontario government on policy and programs related to dams.

Organizations that represent the membership of the DOAC include:

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (Chair and Secretary)
Association of Municipalities of Ontario 
Canadian Dam Association
Conservation Ontario
Ducks Unlimited Canada 
Ontario Mining Association
Ontario Power Generation
Ontario Waterpower Association
Parks Canada 
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
H2O Power
Brookfield Renewable

Required Qualifications
The CDA representative must be able to represent the interests of CDA and is free from any employment related conflicts of interest. The representative must be familiar with dams in Ontario, including their operation, management and regulatory framework.

If you are interested in being considered as CDA’s representative on this committee or have any questions about the committee, please contact Don Butcher at