Committees play a vital role in the Canadian Dam Association (CDA).  In addition to both technical and standing committees, CDA has conference organizing committees.  The individuals that make up our committees are tireless individuals who are committed to the Association’s mission and goals and advancing the exchange of knowledge in the dam industry.

CDA Board of Directors

Standing Committees
Board Nominations
Bulletin Editorial
Honours & Awards 
Professional Development
Regulation of Dams
Young Professionals

Technical Committees
Dam Safety
1. Dam Safety Reviews Working Group
2. Design and Construction Working Group
3. Emergency Management Working Group
4. Public Safety Working Group

Mining Dams
1. Dam into Landforms Working Group
2. Environmental Consequences Working Group
3. Tailings Dam Breach Working Group

Conference Organizing Committees
CDA 2020 – Winnipeg, MB
CDA 2021 – St. John’s, NL
CDA 2022 – coming soon!

Volunteering with CDA
The CDA committees are always looking for individuals who are willing to contribute their time and knowledge.  Please review our committee listing above and if you’re interested in volunteering on one of the CDA’s committees, please contact or call the CDA office at (416) 255-7076 for more information.