Corporate Award

This award recognizes CDA Corporate Members, including companies, organizations, government agencies and other entities, whose overall contributions merit recognition. Up to three awards are offered annually. The award may be based on innovation and leadership, advancing the state of practice, international cooperation, or any other contributions that benefit the dam industry at large.

Previous award winners are:

2011 - Ontario Power Generation (for Innovation and Leadership)
2011 - BC Hydro (for Advancing State of Practice)
2011 - Hydro Quebec (for International Co-operation)
2012 - Saskatchewan Watershed Authority
2012 - Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
2013 - Hatch
2013 - Meco
2014 - Worthington Products
2015 - Grand River Conservation Authority
2016 - Parks Canada
2017 - Klohn Crippen Berger
2018 - Hydro Quebec

CDA paid tribute to industry leaders on October 16, 2018 in Quebec City at the annual awards gala.  

Hydro Quebec - 2018
Since its contribution as a founding member of the Canadian committee on Large Dams (CANCOLD) in 1960, Hydro-Québec has continued to promote the advancement of knowledge about dams and dam safety.  Hydro Quebec regularly and actively contributes to several CDA committees and has been actively involved in the development of the Technical Bulletin on Dam Safety Reviews.  It also has active members on several technical committees of ICOLD.  Highlighted by their work at La Romaine Complex, Hydro Quebec has also introduced new methods and technologies and adapted them for use in North America.

2018 Corporate Award
Josee Boudreault (left) and Jean-Pierre Tournier (right) of Hydro Quebec accept their award from CDA President Bob Patrick (centre) in Quebec City.